Welcome to Setup

Before you proceed please read the setup guide carefully

Please fix the red marked errors and reload this page to continue

Database Configurations

Database Host
Database Username
Database Password
Database Name

Misc Configurations

* ffmpeg is needed for video watermarking and slideshow creation. Please view installation guide for more info * if ffmpeg is not automatically filled, please check and insert the full path to ffmpeg installation
Site URL
Site Name
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
ffmpeg command path
seo url
Enable Facebook
Enable Twitter
Enable Youtube
Enable Media Plugin
Enable Downloader Plugin
Enable Image Watermarking
Enable Video Watermarking
Enable Image Editor
Enable Video Editor
Enable Public Signup
Admin/Support Email
Paypal Email (Optional)

App Configurations

* Leave these fields blank if you want to force users to use their own app. You can also configure these apps later in admin panel
Facebook App Id
Facebook App Secret
Twitter Consumer Key
Twitter Consumer Secret
Youtube Client Id
Youtube Client Secret
Youtube Developer Key

Add an Admin


Final Step

In this step we will try to add cron task automatically and apply seo settings. The script will notify you if cron setup fails and in that case you will have to manually add the cron tasks or try again later from admin panel.

The following scripts will be added. Please copy the paths because you may need them later.


Note: If cron tasks are automatically added but you do not find them from your server control panel, first remove cron task from your Social Ninja admin panel (login with your admin email and password you just created). Then add cron jobs manually from your server control panel.

Server Checklist

PHP Version is 5.2 or higher
All files necessary for setup exist
Folder writable
exec() function working
curl library exists and callable.
mysqli library exists and callable.
open_basedir and safe mode disabled.
Server allows maximum upload size of 512M
PHP maximum execution time can be configured as needed.